Here is what some of our students have said about Shakespeare Academy:

Learning about Shakespeare Stories this term has taught me a lot about different emotions and relationships that people experience. Also, talking about those emotions and relationships in detail has helped me understand them better. The very “deep” questions made me think and I have also learnt just basically Shakespeare’s stories, the various genres he wrote, and his dramatic style.

— Year 6, ‘Tales from Shakespeare’

[Studying] Princess Mononoke at Shakespeare Academy was significantly better than last year’s and this year’s filmwork course at school.

— Year 9, ‘Film Studies for Beginners’

Thanks for teaching me how to improve my essays, I got a 20

— Year 8, ‘Writing Skills’

Hi Dr Lin, I just want to say thank you so much for teaching me this year, like my techniques and essays previously were absolutely Eren-level. And thank you for vastly improving my English level as I got 1st in my grade!!

— Year 9 Hornsby Girls’ High School, after 3 terms

Thank you for teaching me this term! Even if I am not the best at English, I can definitely see my improvement at school.

— Year 7, ‘Poetry for Beginners’