Shakespeare Academy implements a unique approach to learning, focused on the fundamental building blocks essential to any study of literature. The following modules teach the essential skills in written expression and communication, which will serve students not only in their English subjects, but also in their other high school subjects—and, later, in their adult working lives.

These modules also cover various literary and English-related skills, and are all highly recommended. Each module runs for 1.5 hours and over 10 weeks (one school term).

Module Key content Recommended school years
Grammar Fundamentals*
  • Parts of speech and syntax
  • Identifying common mistakes
Studying Literature*
  • Literary techniques and analysis
  • Specific vocabulary
  • Structures and arguments
Accelerated Compulsory Skills*
  • Grammar
  • Literary analysis
  • Essay-writing
11-12 only
Advanced Essays
  • More complex structures and arguments
  • Workshop for school essays
Creative Writing
  • Technical elements of writing
  • Exploring individual voices and styles
Studying Film
  • Film techniques and analysis
  • Specific vocabulary

* These modules are compulsory for all new students at Shakespeare Academy; an excellent grasp of grammar is vital to all forms of written expression, while the skill of literary analysis is crucial for answering both essay and comprehension questions. Any new student wishing to skip these modules must first pass a screening test.

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