drsamanthalinDr Samantha Lin (BSc/BA, MA, PhD) is the founder and head teacher of Shakespeare Academy, and has over a decade’s experience in teaching English literature and language at all levels. Please click here for her full academic CV.

Her experience in teaching and sharing English literature includes:

  • Tutoring private students from Years 3 to 12;
  • Tutoring classes at coaching colleges in Sydney (e.g. Dr Du Coaching Centre and Harry’s Education);
  • Lecturing and tutoring at Queen’s University Belfast in the UK, on both undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate (MA) levels; and
  • Speaking on various specialised Shakespeare topics at literary events, concert halls, and film theatres in the UK

She is also highly proficient in both the fields of creative writing and film analysis, which are both fundamentally different from the study of English, but are nonetheless included in the NSW English syllabus.

Her expertise in creative writing includes:

Her qualifications in film studies:

  • A PhD in the interdisciplinary field of literary and film studies;
  • Scholarly publication in a film journal;
  • Providing support in a third-year university module, ‘Shakespeare on Screen’

She is a passionate advocate of breaking down socioeconomic and class barriers where ‘high culture’ is concerned, and enjoys attending a Mozart opera as much as playing Dragon Age.