Every year, over 70,000 students across NSW sit two compulsory HSC exams for English, the results of which make up 20% of their ATAR. But not every student is confident about these exams, and many find their compulsory English subject the most difficult and stressful during their HSC year. Often, their negative reactions to English are caused by systemic problems: students were never given the proper tools with which to succeed, or never had enough practice to consolidate what they did learn.

At Shakespeare Academy, we address these problems by employing a unique structure to our classes, which then provides students with the most helpful tools and opportunities for useful feedback. Indeed, we strive to challenge and break two stereotypes:

  1. Shakespeare and other English literary classics are difficult to understand and enjoy;
  2. ‘Young people’ in the early twenty-first century don’t possess the qualities to excel at and appreciate a variety of English literature

To achieve this, our goal is to provide students with the necessary tools to learn about all aspects of English language and literature, and to help students understand what they learn.

Additionally, Shakespeare Academy operates with the following missions in mind:

  • To invite students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to engage with English literature;
  • To foster a love for the written word;
  • To broaden students’ minds and imaginations through stories;
  • To encourage curiosity about the world around them, as well as the worlds and people from different times and cultures;
  • To equip students with the proper skills and vocabulary required in the analysis of English literature; and
  • To provide students with life-long skills in verbal and written communication

We look forward to sharing with you our expertise in and passion for English literature!

We have also compiled the following documents for your information: