We are running school holiday workshops and activities over three weeks in January 2019.

All workshops will be held in our Chatswood classroom.

Course Years Day/Time
Poetry for Beginners* 8-11 7-11 January (Mon-Fri)
Creative Writing 8-12 15, 17 January (Tue, Thu)
21, 23, 25 January (Mon, Wed, Fri)
English Grammar 7-11 14-18 January (Mon-Fri)
Book Club (Junior)** 6-7 21 January (Mon)
Book Club (Secondary)** 8-9 21 January (Mon)
Book Club (Senior)** 10-11 22 January (Tue)

* Poetry for Beginners is recommended for students in Years 8-11 who wish to join Shakespeare Academy in 2019. Year 7 students will start 2019 with the Poetry for Beginners course.

** The Book Club is an excellent opportunity for students to engage with what they have read, and share their opinions in a pseudo-academic environment. Students who attended the first Book Club session in July 2018 are invited to attend any 2019 session for free (excluding the price of the book if you wish to purchase your own copy). Students who wish to start in January will be charged a membership fee for the rest of 2019.

Please contact us for prices and to enrol.