Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.
— William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors

Enrolments for the January school holidays and Term 1, 2020 are now open. Please contact us if you wish to join us.

We are also offering practice comprehension papers and marking for the new Year 12 HSC in English Standard and Advanced. Please contact us if you wish to order any.

Phone: 0401 005 878 (English); 0466 008 661 (Chinese)

Address: 805A/368 Sussex Street, Sydney; 504/8 Help Street, Chatswood

At Shakespeare Academy, we bring our focus back to the basics. We teach our students the fundamental building blocks of English language and literature, we encourage them to expand and develop their intellect, and, subsequently, we provide students with vital skills in order to succeed at school and the HSC—and every other area in their life requiring verbal and written communication. Our philosophy is simple, but the benefits reach far and wide!

Looking for some books to read? Here are some recommendations.